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Handmade Ceramic Tiles

Since 1992

MUD Pi tiles are handmade porcelain ceramic tiles with pressed geometric patterns. Each tile is trimmed, cleaned, and glazed by hand. Multiple coats of glaze are brush applied in matte to semi matte finishes, many with mottled multicolor. All of our tiles are made to order. We can custom cut to size and hand build special details to make your tile installation unique. They are available in field tile, accent tile, and trim tile pieces. MUD Pi tiles are available in 32 colors, most of which are matte in finish. They can be seen at showrooms across the US.
Below are some of our designs.

Rambling Rose
To date the RAMBLING ROSE tm tile series consists of 23 different shapes, sizes, and patterns. This basic (or field) tile is 3x6 (nominal) it is complimented by various accessory pieces (1x1, 1x6, 3x4, 2x3, 3x3, 4x6, 6x6) that when combined offer a multitude of design and pattern opportunities. This series has been used as fireplace surrounds and as accents in bathrooms as well as on stair risers, solarium walls, shelves, and kitchen back splashes. There is also a liner tile that is available with a square or bullnose edge, that can be used as an accent trim. Layouts   Images
Pea Pod
The PEA POD tm series has been used on fireplaces, bath surrounds, window seat shelves and stair risers. There are 22 tiles in this series that can be combined to create, fields, accents, and borders. Several of the tiles have bullnose edges that can be used to terminate a pattern.  Layouts   Images
The SHINGLE tm or fish scale series was envisioned to be used rotated at a 45 degree angle but it can also be used on an 90 degree to create a variety of patterns. The tile is 4x4 and half tiles are used to make the transition to a regular grid. Layouts   Images

Water Lily
The WATER LILY tm series consist of three main 3x6 tiles, a top (flower), a middle (stem which can be repeated to achieve the desired height), and a bottom (base). Along with these tiles there are special accent tiles, a stem tile with a fish, and a base tile with a snail. These special tiles can be mixed into the standard pattern if desired. There are also four 3x3 accent tiles one, with a flower, one with two pads, and two with a fish (right and left facing) that can be used as accents or borders. Layouts   Images
Circuit Scenery
The CIRCUIT SCENERY tm (from 30,000 feet) series at this time consist of one 4x4 tile that can be combined and rotated to form a seemingly random pattern of lines and rectangles. This pattern was conceived to represent both a computer circuit board and a farm landscape view from an airplane. There is also a 4x6 Field tile and a 2x4 edge tile.  Layouts   Images
The PROFILE LINER tm series is comprised of 10 different 2x6 and 10 different 2x2 High relief trim and accent tiles. They can be used as bands or frames. Special corners and V-caps are also available for each of the designs. Layouts   Images
The SOUTHPORT tm series is made up of five 4x4 Low relief geometric tiles. There is also a 1/2' thick 6x6 Base tile and two 2x6 Liner tiles with matching 2x2 corners for both frames and bands.   Layouts   Images
Scattered Spots
The SCATTERED SPOTS tm series has a 4x4 and 6x6 low relief random dot tile. The dots are both projecting and recessed. The 4x4 comes in 4 different patterns and the 6x6 one. 2x2, 2x4, 2x6, 4x6 can also be provided by pre-cutting the two standard tiles. Layouts   Images
The ENDINGS tm series has bases,  caps, and stops, used to terminate a field of tiles. Corner versions of these tiles can also be made for a custom installation. Layouts   Images
High Relief
The HIGH RELIEF series: 1/2' thick 6x6 bases and liner tiles with a lot more relief. Architectural and organic designs can be found in this series. They can also be used as accent tiles projecting from a field of thinner tile. Layouts   Images
Prairie Daisy
The PRAIRIE DAISY series: 3/8" thick with a projecting natural motif, that is a little more representational than our other series. Available in 4x4, 4x8, 2x2, & 2x8 tiles, with a little more relief. They can be used as accents, frames, murals, and bands. They are intended to project from a field of thinner tile or used with thicker stone tile. Layouts   Images * * * * New 2010 Mounted Murals available at our Etsy Shop * * * *
The ACCENTS series: 2x2 tiles designed to be cut into Blank Field tiles for added interest. Layouts   Images
The BLANKS series: sizes from 2x2 to 6x6, also available with glazed or bullnose edges. Special cuts can be pre-cut to accommodate accent tiles including, rotated and square corner cuts, center cuts and edge cuts both square and round. Hand built corners can also be produced. Layouts   Images
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